Intellectual property protection

Our office provides services in the field of intellectual and industrial property protection, according to the provisions of the Act on patent attorneys of 11 April 2001 (OJ No. 49, item 509), in particular:

  • trademark protection,
  • invention protection,
  • utility model protection,
  • industrial design protection,
  • geographic indication protection.

We represent our Polish clients before the following authorities:

  • Polish Patent Office, Warsaw,
  • European Patent Office, Munich (European patent),
  • International Bureau of WIPO, Geneva (inventions under PCT procedure),
  • International Bureau of WIPO, Geneva (trademarks under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol)
  • EUIPO, Alicante (European Union Trade Marks)
  • EUIPO, Alicante (European Union Industrial Designs),

and foreign clients before:

  • Polish Patent Office, Warsaw,
  • European Patent Office, Munich,
  • EUIPO, Alicante.

Other activities

Apart from services in the field of patent procedures and obtaining patent protection for trademarks, inventions, industrial designs and utility models, our office TRASET Patent Attorneys and Legal Advisors also provides the following services:

  • conducting civil and criminal proceedings related to infringements of exclusive rights, including before the court Sąd Unijnych Znaków Towarowych I Wzorów Wspólnotowych [European Trademark and Design Court];
  • conducting litigations before the Polish Patent Office, administrative courts, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the Court of Justice of the European Union;
  • drafting agreements concerning intellectual property protection (protection of trademarks, protection of inventions), including licence agreements and trademark regulations.

We also prepare similarity analyses of products and trademarks for the purposes of disputes or pre-judicial proceedings. The analyses are based on legal regulations in the field of patent protection of intellectual property (protection of trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs), as well as on the provisions of the Copyright Act and the Act on Combating Unfair Competition.

TRASET Czabajski & Partners Patent Attorneys and Legal Advisors Spółka Partnerska, also advises on external financing of intellectual property management projects, including current information on regional and national application rounds in which the company has the opportunity to participate.