How can we help

We offer professional  assistance in obtaining patents for inventions and protection rights for utility models, from conducting a patent research (searching for solutions closest to the one filed) through obtaining a patent, to maintaining it in force.

Our team offers the following services in particular:

  • patent research in national and international databases;
  • research in literature, examination of the state of the art.;
  • drafting opinions concerning patentability and comparative opinions between technical solutions to assess whether a given solution falls within the scope of patent protection;
  • preparation of applications for inventions under the national procedure with the Polish Patent Office and under the international procedure PCT with the International Bureau of WIPO in Geneva, as well as for European patents with the European Patent Office EPO in Munich;
  • legal advice, consulting;
  • maintenance of granted patents;
  • introducing changes to registers;
  • assistance in obtaining patents in foreign patent offices;
  • conducting civil and criminal proceedings relating to infringement of patents;
  • conducting disputes before the Polish Patent Office, administrative courts;
  • drafting agreements concerning patents, including licence agreements;

After obtaining a patent:

  • we make sure to meet the deadlines for patent renewal;
  • we introduce changes to national, European and international patent registers.

What is a patent

A patent is granted, regardless of the field of technology, for an invention which is new, involves an inventive step and is susceptible to industrial application. By obtaining a patent, an exclusive right to use an invention for commercial or professional purposes is acquired throughout the territory of Poland.

A patent lasts up to 20 years from the date of filing an application for an invention in the Polish Patent Office. The patent can be granted upon proper application, examination by the Patent Office of the statutory conditions for granting the patent and payment of fees for protection. Failure to pay the fee for the maintenance of the patent in the following year shall result in the expiry of the patent. After the patent has expired, everyone is free to use the solution covered by the patent.

How can you patent your invention or product

Many people ask themselves: how can I patent my invention or product? The procedure of obtaining a patent involves appropriate knowledge and procedures. An invention can be patented only with the competent office. The procedure of granting exclusive rights to inventions and products is of an official nature defined by provisions that govern the patent law. If you want to patent your product or invention there are some documents to be prepared – an application, a description, claims, drawings – and relevant fees to be paid.

Upon filing a patent application, the Patent Office will assign a number to it and confirm the date of filing. The Office will issue a decision to grant a patent and then, if all statutory conditions are met, the patent registration follows. The Office usually issues an affirmative decision on patenting a product after 2-3. A patent is deemed registered after issuance of a patent document that includes a patent description covering an invention’s description, claims and drawings.

In general, an invention is broadly understood as a work,  method of obtaining it and its application. A patent for an invention can only be granted when it fulfills statutory criteria. The invention for which protection is sought must:

  • be new – it cannot copy solutions that are or were publicly available
  • involve an inventive step – it cannot be an obvious solution
  • be industrially applicable – it should be possible to produce it and achieve the same results as in the case of the prototype.

Preparation of application documents of an invention is a complex procedure that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Hence, if you want to register your invention it is advisable to seek a patent attorney’s assistance.

What are the advantages of a patent

A patent for an invention implies a grant of exclusivity to a subject entitled to use the invention and derive profits therefrom. A patent monopoly resulting from a patent’s ownership is limited to a specific territory and it has time frames.

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