How can we help

Our Team offers comprehensive services in the field of copyright protection, including:

  • counselling, legal and expert opinions in the field of copyright;
  • preparation of agreements concerning copyright and management thereof;
  • adopting measures to protect personal and property copyrights;
  • conducting civil and criminal proceedings concerning protection against infringements of personal and property copyrights.

Subject of copyright

The subject of copyright is any manifestation of creative activity of an individual character, determined in any form, regardless of the value, purpose and expression (work).

Legal and copyright protection arises without any formalities and exists from the moment the work is established.

Only expressions can be protected. Discoveries, ideas, procedures, methods and principles of operation and mathematical concepts shall not enjoy protection.

Copyright owner

Copyright is vested in the author. It shall be presumed that any person whose name appears on the copies of a work or whose authorship has been made public in any other way in connection with the distribution of the work is an author. The co-authors shall be jointly entitled to the copyrights.

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